What do you know about labour law related to business travel compensation and commuting compensation at workplace in South Africa? Find out on about commuting compensation, employee travel expenses, paying employees for travel time etc.
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What is the definition of commuting?

Commuting refers to travel from your home to your place of work and back again.

Does commuting time form part of my working hours?

No. Commuting time does not form part of your normal working hours, according to legislation in South Africa.

Am I paid for commuting time?

No, you are not paid for the time it takes you to travel to and from work as this does not form part of your normal working hours.

What if I have to travel very far each day?

Some employers do contribute to travel expenses, if their employee has to travel very far. However, this would be a specific arrangement between an employer and employee, as part of their work contract.

What is a travel allowance?

A travel allowance is any allowance paid or advance given to an employee in respect of travelling expenses for business purposes. This would cover special trips on business, for example. Travel allowances are not regulated by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and are therefore to be worked out between employers and employees.

What about night work and travelling?

Night work is defined as work between 6pm and 6am. If you work within these hours, your employer must make transportation available between your place of residence and your workplace at the start and finish of your shift.

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