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According the Department of Labour, all employers have a right to form, join and be active in employers’ organisations. All employers’ organisations have a right to function, to be affiliated to other bodies and to be funded by them.

Why form an employers’ organisation?

Employers’ organisations are needed for a number of reasons, including effective collective bargaining. This is an important way of determining employees’ wages and benefits and regulating industrial relations. They also provide a united way for sectors to engage government and legislative bodies on national policies that affect different industries. Employer organisations can also supply their members with information on training, legal services and labour relations.

What are employers’ rights?

All employers have a right to:

  • Form an employers’ organisation
  • Join an employers’ organisation
  • Take part in lawful employers’ organisation activities
  • Be protected from anyone who discriminates against them because of their membership or activities.

Do employers’ organisations need to be registered?

No. Employers’ organisations do not have to register with the Department of Labour. However, they are advised to do so. If employers’ organisations wish to be registered, their constitutions have to meet certain requirements, such as there must not be any provision in the constitution that discriminates on the grounds of race or sex.

The registrar of labour relations has the power not to register, or to withdraw the registration of an employers’ organisation if it proves not to be a genuine employers’ organisation.

What are the rights of the organisation?

All employers’ organisations have a right to:

  • Perform lawful activities
  • Form or affiliate with national and/or international trade union or employers’ federations
  • Fund or be funded by such international federations.

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