Pay Deductions

Do you know when it is legal to make a pay deduction from a salary in South Africa? Pay Deductions and work agreement, Payroll Deductions and contract, pay deductions and wages
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 Can my boss deduct money from my salary?

Employers may not deduct money from a worker’s pay unless:

  • The worker agrees in writing to the deduction of a debt

  • The deduction is made in terms of a collective agreement, law (e.g. UIF contributions), court order or arbitration award. 

    When can a deduction be made from my salary?

Deductions for damage or loss caused by the worker may only be made if:

  • The employer has followed a fair procedure and given the worker a chance to show why the deduction should not be made 

  • The worker agrees in writing

  • The total deduction is not more than 25% of the worker’s net pay.

What about deductions for Benefit Funds?

  • Employers must pay the employee’s deductions to benefit funds (pension, provident, retirement, medical aid, etc.)

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