Airbnb Salary more than a million rand

14/11: According to news reports and salary research, an Airbnb Cape Town landlord is listed as the world's number three Salary earner with 114 properties. He is reported to have earned R109-million a year, behind a Bali property owner, who earned R223-million with his 504 properties.

To make R109-million annually from 114 properties, landlords would have to earn R95 6140 a property or R2619 a day, with the property booked out every day during the year. According to reports, there are currently 13 998 active rentals in Cape Town, at an average daily rate of R1221.

However, reports say that is difficult to calculate a set Salary for each Airbnb property, as rentals tend to fluctuate and not every property is rented out 100% of the time. Salary research indicates that owners who rent our property on Airbnb are more likely to calculate an approximate Salary each month, based on probable or possible bookings.

Annual Leave and Shut Down

It’s getting to the end of the year and employers and employees are getting ready to either shut down business for a period, or to take Annual Leave. What is the difference?

Many employers have a shutdown period over December. If this is the case, the employer is entitled to stipulate that Annual Leave must be taken to coincide with the shutdown period. Should an employee take their holiday leave at another time during the year, then the shutdown period will be treated as unpaid leave.

An employee must be paid in full during leave.  Leave pay should be paid before the leave starts or on an employee’s normal payday. If an employee leaves the job he/she must be paid for any leave accrued but not taken at a rate of one day’s pay for every 17 days worked.

Remember: Employees who work for 24 hours or more a month for the same employer may take holiday leave. Every employee is entitled to 21 consecutive days Annual Leave on full pay in every leave cycle.  This equates to 15 working days per annum if the employee works a five-day week, and 18 working days per annum if the employee works a six-day week.

 Find out more about Leave and Shut Down


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