Career advice comes at a vital time - November 2009

31 Dec 1969 - All about Careers for Young Women and School Leavers, Salary Advice, Training Advice and more on Mywage South Africa

At a time of year when many matric students are writing their final exams, it becomes vital for school-leavers to consider their career prospects. While some may be looking forward to furthering their studies at a university, college or technicon, many others will be investigating the job market. 


Mywage South Africa supports the Decisions for Life project, which places great importance on young women being able to make clear, informed choices concerning their lives, their careers and their futures. To this end, the website offers a range of free and informative articles on getting a work-life balance, looking at job options, and being clear about rights in the workplace, all aimed at women. 


Employment Options


There are several employment options that do not require school-leavers to study first, but will offer on-the-job training. This includes a Career in a Call Centre, a Career in Retail, and a Career as Hotel Receptionist or Housekeeper. But if one does decide to study further, jobs in the IT Sector, the Tourism Sector, as well as Bookkeeping and Secretarial options, are all good choices, especially for young women. 


Fair Play


For those who do enter the marketplace, Mywage also offers the chance to see whether work conditions are fair and acceptable. The Decent Work Check looks at all aspects of employment, from leave to working hours and more. And for those who are considering sharing their lives with someone special, while holding down a job, take our Partner Check to see if you are making the right choice! It's fun and lighthearted - but it does also make you stop and think about the consequences of achieving a fair work-life balance - or not.



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