International Teachers' Day - October 2013

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Amsterdam, October 2, 2013 - In this week before World Teachers’ Day, which takes place on October 5, the first annual WageIndicator Research on Teachers Salaries will be published, which compares wage information of teaching professionals worldwide.

Key findings this year:
- Primary school teachers earn six times the minimum wage of farm workers in South Africa
- With a year less of work experience South African secondary school teachers earn eight dollars less than their Dutch peers
- Germany’s secondary school teachers are top earners amongst their peers worldwide.

Wages of Primary, Early Childhood and Secondary education teachers

Primary teachers and early childhood teachers Secondary teachers Minimum Wage***
Country of survey Median Gross hourly wage in national currency* Median Gross hourly wage in international dollar (int$)** Median Years of Work Experience Median Gross hourly wage in national currency* Median Gross hourly wage in international dollar (int$)** Median Years of Work Experience Minimum hourly Wage in national currency Minimum hourly wage in international dollar (int$)**
Belgium 16.9 EUR 18.8 4 20.3 EUR 22.6 10 9.12 EUR 10.2
Germany . .   26.6 EUR 32.1 20 not set not set
Netherlands 16.1 EUR 18.9 6.5 19.2 EUR 22.6 8 9.2 EUR 10.8
Spain         16.6 EUR 22.4 12 4.7 EUR 6.4
Hungary 1044.1 HUF 7.1 20 .   .   612.5 HUF 4.2
Argentina 41.7 ARS 12.6 12 51.6 ARS 15.6 15.5 20.6 ARS 6.2
Brazil 13.2 BRL 6.8 12 15.2 BRL 7.8 8 4.2 BRL 2.2
Colombia . .   11984.0 COP 9.1 11 3684.3 COP 2.8
Chile 3299.2 CLP 8.1 13.5 3950.7 CLP 9.6 10 1312.5 CLP 3.2
Azerbaijan . .   3.0 AZN 5.3 11 0.6 AZN 1.0
Belarus 19963.4 BYR 4.4 14 21146.6 BYR 4.6 9 8718.8 BYR 1.9
Russian Federation 107.8 RUB 4.2 18 129.0 RUB 5.0 13 32.5 RUB 1.3
South Africa 69.8 ZAR 12.3 7 82.8 ZAR 14.6 7 11.6 ZAR 2.0
Egypt 5.3 EGP 1.7 10 6.7 EGP 2.2 17 4.4 EGP 1.4


Source: WageIndicator dataset (May 2011 - August 2013); purchasing power parity adjustment and inflation adjustment based on the IMF’s WEO database (April 2013).
* A median is the numeric value separating the upper half of a sample from its lower half. For example, by definition of median wage 50% of the sample earn more and 50% less than median wage.
** Gross wage in international US dollars (int$) expresses the wage in US dollars that have the same purchasing power as the US dollars have in the USA.
*** Median wage is computed only for countries where at least 30 survey participants filled in question concerning their age.
*** National minimum wages were divided by 160 working hours if only monthly rate was known; minimum wage for farmer workers is displayed for South Africa. Minimum wage for 23 years old workers or older is shown for the Netherlands. Minimum wage for 21 years old workers or older is shown for Belgium. Otherwise the average of the national minimum wage numbers is used.

WageIndicator Data

WageIndicator collects real wage data in more than 70 countries, reflecting the going market rates for hundreds of individual occupations, based on data volunteered by participants in our online surveys. The surveys feature the same questions in all countries, although adapted to the national labour market. Comparable offline surveys are held in two dozen countries including Honduras, Senegal and South Sudan where there is a minimum of Internet access. The data is collected per country, benchmarked with data from other sources and kept up to date and comparable by the WageIndicator international staff in Ahmedabad and Bratislava.

WageIndicator Foundation

WageIndicator Foundation was started in 2001 in the Netherlands to help workers answer a basic question; is my wage fair compared to what my peers earn? There is a lack of coherent labour market data information (e.g. wages, labour law, collective agreements). Today more than 16 million unique visitors, with more than 37 million page views, are yearly visiting the more than 70 national WageIndicator websites. the national WageIndicator of South Africa has yearly almost a half million unique visitors and more than one million page views. The most popular topics are minimum wages and the labour law rights of domestic workers.

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