Trade Union Fair for Young Women - June 2010

31 Dec 1969 - A Special Trade Union Fair for Young Women was held in the Western Cape. Find out about Decisions for Life, Young Women in Trade Unions and more on Mywage South Africa.


A Trade Union Fair organised around the theme of "Young Women Entering the World of Work" was held in Athlone, Western Cape on June 5. 


The interactive event was designed to provide young women with space for discussion and to share information around career choices, and the opportunities and challenges entering the working world.


The Fair was been organised as part of the Decisions for Life campaign, which focuses on young women in the service sector - which includes the Retail, Call Centre, Hospitality and Secretarial/Clerical sectors. Young women had the opportunity to network, get information on work/life challenges, and to creatively engage with how to make decisions.


The four South African Trade Federations jointly organised the event - Cosatu, Fedusa, Nactu and Consawu.


The Decisions for Life campaign is an international campaign targeting young women in the service sector in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazachstan and Ukraine. The campaign targets young working women between the ages of 15-29.  


The aims of the campaign are to:


  • Enable young women to make informed decisions about present and future paid employment, about building a family and about balancing work and family life.


  • Strengthen trade union capacity to negotiate better pay and working conditions of young women workers and increase trade union young women membership rates.


  • Create decent work for a decent life for women, with a particular focus on young women.

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