Women and Work

A Women's Right to Choose

In South Africa, it is legal for a Woman to have an Abortion. This has cut down on the amount of fatalities resulting from “backstreet” abortions.

Be a Dynamic IT Developer!

There is a huge demand for women in the field of IT Development. This is a dynamic career that offers great work and salary satisfaction.

Call Centres Calling!

The Call Centre Industry offers great opportunities for young people who are motivated to get ahead. And it offers a lively working atmosphere!

Discrimination is not legal!

Lesbian and bisexual women often experience Discrimination in the Workplace. What are the key issues, and how are women protected?

Fighting Back!

Having to deal with an offensive work colleague isn't always easy, but you have the law on your side. Read how Tanya Groenewald fought back!

Getting it Right!

Getting pregnant unexpectedly doesn't have to mean the end of your career, as one young woman has discovered. Read more ...

Keeping House in Hotels

A career as a Housekeeper in a Hotel can be challenging, and requires a level head. But if you succeed, it offers good pay and great job advancement options.

Keeping the Books

Bookkeeping as a Career for a young woman could lead to a very satisfactory outcome. You need to work your way up the ranks!

Maternity Leave

Are you planning or expecting a child and worried about your work? Follow the link to check your rights during Maternity Leave.

Negotiate a Pay Raise!

Do you feel you deserve a Pay Raise? Find out the best way to negotiate a salary increase on Mywage South Africa.

Parenting and a Work-Life Balance

It can be hard to balance the demands of both a job and a family. Women in particular need to establish a decent work-life balance.

Secretarial Options

Becoming a good Company Secretary could be a rewarding and fulfilling stepping stone to achieving financial success. It’s a satisfying career option.

Sexual Harassment

Do you feel uncomfortable the way your co-workers touch you? Do they make unwelcome remarks? Find out about Sexual Harassment Laws in the workplace.

Social Grants for Children

Social Grants for Children below the age of 15 years are available in South Africa. It is important to know how to access this.

The Face of the Hotel!

The hotel industry is flourishing in South Africa. A Career in the Hotel Sector as a receptionist offers interesting options.

The sky’s the limit in Tourism!

Tourism is a fast-growing industry in South Africa. It requires good customer service, and can also offer great perks! Find out about a Career as a Travel Agent.

Women Earn Less

In South Africa and around the globe, women earn less than men. Read more about the Gender Wage Gap and how it may affect you.


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