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A career in IT Development - with the current need for informational technological skills-  is one of the primary ways to extend one's opportunities. “There is a huge demand for women in this field of employment,” says Recruitment Director Beverley Sollinger. “It is a forward-thinking environment, challenging and creative, offering exposure to international and financially secure companies. The pace of cutting edge technology is fast and dynamic.”

An IT developer works on the development on a company’s computerised system - which can be web based or application based. It involves maintenance analysis, documentation or record keeping of what has been built, and reporting on statistics. It is usually a nine to five job for a corporate, but a smaller company might offer flexible working hours, taking traffic conditions into allowance for example. As Sollinger says, “a happy developer will produce better work, and creativity responds to conditions without restrictions”.


It is essential to have some form of training over and above a Grade 12 certificate, which could be a University degree (Computer Science), or a minimum one year diploma from a computer training institute, such as a techikon or college. Some companies expect a few years prior work experience. Sollinger adds, “training is sometimes offered as a perk by a company as things change so rapidly in information technology, but then there might be a one year employment “tie in” obligation”.


Medical aid and pensions vary from company to company but most corporates will offer them, and smaller companies will construct a package tailored for the individual. Annual leave of between 15 and 19 days can be expected.

Taking career prospects into account, there are many opportunities, but it is necessary to start off as a developer as it provides an excellent grounding and background for progression to different levels. These could include a business analyist, a project manager, or a solutions architect. Says Sollinger, “this is an incentive industry, and a lucrative and safe one to be in even in recessional times, as companies will always need to run their systems.”

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