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Starting as a sales person or cashier could lead to becoming a store manager or even an area store manager, said Nadia Morat of Foschini in Kenilworth Centre, CapeTown. Francis Mukinay, a cashier at Pick n Pay, said you could move from a cashier to a supervisor and then become a frontline manager.

Arlene Rielly-Spence, Edgars divisions HR manager for the Western Cape, said Edgars, as one of the Edcon companies, provides great opportunities for training and development. Learnership programmes are available for entry level employees. She said depending on your knowledge and experience, and “most important, your attitude”, you could move from being a sales person to a supervisor then a controller, or you could move in the same position to a larger store.


Rielly-Spence said sales persons and cashiers were multi-skilled at Edgars as they worked “in general and at the point of sales”. Morat said a sales person’s duties included customer service, “merchandising” and displaying stock, selling, handling customer queries and departmental housekeeping. Cashiers were also involved in customer service but they worked at the selling points and handled cash. 


Sales persons and cashiers did not necessarily require a Matric (Grade 12), said Morat, as training was “going on all the time”. Job applicants would be judged on their CVs and work experience. She said there were casuals employed who had Grade 11 and were studying for Grade 12.

Mukinay said cashiers at Pick n Pay did not “have to have Matric”; they were assessed by a written numeracy and literacy test. If they failed they could re-apply after six months. Cashiers had to be service orientated so “the customer was keen to come back”. A cashier would deal with scanning products and handling customer cash or cards. The money would have to balance - if it was “out for the month there might be a verbal warning”.

Working Conditions 

Sales persons and cashiers work for 40-45 hours at Edgars depending on the store and its vicinity. At Pick n Pay they work an 8-hour day, Saturdays 8am-1pm and Sundays off with two days off per month. At Foschini in Kenilworth Centre they work an 8-hour shift from 9am to 6pm daily.

When asked about work conditions such as medical aid and leave, Rielly-Spence said the Edcon group gives “more favourable conditions than prescribed by the BCEA legislation”. They have a national union agreement and a national forum. Morat said medical aid is optional for Foschini and leave is 19 days for every 12 months. Mukinay said Pick n Pay makes a contribution towards medical aid and that the annual leave is 18 working days.

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