The pros and cons of being your own boss

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Working for yourself is an exciting proposition. But take note: whether you work from home, open an office, or hire a factory, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this option. Find out more before you take the step.


  • You are the boss!
  • More flexibility, in terms of time and productivity
  • More enjoyment – you’re doing what you want to do!
  • More control – you can direct your business your own way
  • More freedom – there’s nobody telling you what to do
  • More self confidence – it’s prestigious to be your own boss
  • Less stress (once you’re up and running)
  • No limits – you can aim as high as you like
  • You can control how much you earn, and how much you invest
  • You can create your own working environment
  • You can get tax advantages – if you organise your finances properly
  • You can hire people to help with tedious or time-consuming tasks – your decision!
  • You learn to multi-task and handle different aspects of running a business
  • If you work from home, there’ll be no more commuting (which is both costly and time-consuming)
  • If you work from home, you can spend more time with your family
  • If you work from home, you don’t have to spend large amounts on a work wardrobe


  • Responsibility and stress
  • Crazy, long hours (while you’re setting up)
  • No paid holidays (while you’re setting up)
  • Uneven salary (while you’re setting up)
  • You have to deal with all sorts of problems – there’s no one else to blame
  • You can't be lazy and still get paid!
  • You won’t get paid extra for overtime!
  • Your pension fund and medical aid are paid by yourself
  • There’s pressure to perform
  • There may be uncertainty – there are no guarantees
  • You may feel isolated or lonely
  • You will need to motivate yourself

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