I'm Nervous for my Interview. Help!

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The issue:

"I have been called for a job interview and I am really nervous. I am not sure how to dress or present myself. Please help!"

The answer:

Don't panic! It is normal to feel nervous about a job interview. Most people do. But don't let the nerves take over. Take a deep breathe, relax and feel confident. After all, they asked YOU to come for the interview - which means YOU have something to offer.

We have a detailed list of do's and don'ts for interviews, which you can find if you click How to Dress to Impress! here. Here are some of the main points:

  • Get a good night's sleep the evening before.
  • Dress appropriately - that means neatly and tidily. No dirty or casual outfits!
  • Turn your cell phone off before entering the building. 
  • Give the interviewer a firm hand-shake. 
  • Don't mumble - speak clearly and confidently. 
  • Sit up straight and don't fidget. 
  • Smile and enjoy the interview!

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