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Are there specific South African job sites or agencies which cater for graduate students looking for work?

Yes. You can visit sites such as Neuvoo, Career JetCareers24Indeed, gradsonthemove and Jobvine to specifically find jobs for graduates. Most of these sites require you to type “graduate” in the search section in order to get to the appropriate pages.

Can I be alerted if there are new jobs advertised?

Yes. Some sites allow you to submit your email, and you will be alerted when there are new opportunities listed.

What if I don’t get a job immediately after graduating?

You can use this time productively by volunteering or getting an internship. Neither will pay you a proper salary, but you may get some expenses reimbursed. Most importantly, you will gain experience, which is always good to list on your CV.

Are some degrees or professions more in demand then others?

Yes. In South Africa, accountants, lawyers, medical doctors and engineers are very much in demand. They are followed by holders of degrees including BCom (commerce), BSc (science) and BCompt (accounting science). According to a recent survey, the most sought-after skills are finance, accounting, management, law, and medicine.

Do some professions set their own prerequisites for entry into their sector?

Yes. For example, the General Council of the Bar, the law societies, the Health Professions Council, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and other bodies set their own criteria – typically an exam, but often other criteria such as a low-paid articleship or internship as well – as a prerequisite for entry into the professions.

Are some skills more in demand than others?

According to a survey of South African employers, graduates with a good grasp of English, ICT skills and an understanding of the world of work stand a much greater chance of being employed.

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