Working for a Platform

Drive for Uber? Work for Mister D? Share your experience

Platform workers include those who drive for Uber, who provide tech services for NomadNow, and who clean homes for SweepSouth. Are these workers protected by the law? Can they, for example, take paid maternity leave? Are they eligible for a pension? And what happens if they are injured on the job?

Over the next few years and WageIndicator Foundation will systematically collect answers to these and similar questions. We will also compare working conditions and labour laws between countries. We'll start by collecting data from platform workers in 6 countries:


Is this new, and what laws already exist?

It definitely is new. Thus far, there is no other comparable systematic research focusing on the working conditions of platform workers on this scale. And since WageIndicator Foundation, the driving force behind it, is active in 140 countries, a massive roll out is quite conceivable. Moreover, we can easily compare the earnings of platform workers with those of employees in ‘normal’ businesses.  In our labour law pages you may find all the information we have collected thus far:

Our present research aims to document the real situations in which platform workers do their job. 

What will Mywage/WageIndicator do?

We hope to be able to show in a couple of months which platforms - and which countries - have the shortest and longest working hours, which contracts are relatively better as compared to other contracts, and what the wage differences are between the platforms selected. The more information we collect, the better we will be able to compare and share smart solutions with platform workers, platform organisations, trade unions and other interested parties. In this way we hope to piece together the laws and regulations which practically govern their working lives. A useful implementation our results could lead to are, for instance, platform clauses in Collective Agreements. How this will work out depends on the quantity and quality of the data we will be able to collect. The overall goal is improved and fair platform work.

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