Experiences of platform workers in India and other countries?

  • It is often heard that the working conditions of platform workers are really bad. But is this true? 
  • Could it be that some platform workers, in India for instance, are quite happy with their jobs?
  • Which contracts are satisfactory?
  • Which platforms are considered the best by the workers or self-employed who find employment there?
  • Does it make sense to create Collective Agreements for platform workers?      

Over the next few years and WageIndicator Foundation will systematically collect answers to these and similar questions. At the same time we will gather more information about the working conditions of platform workers. We'll start by collecting data from platform workers in 6 countries. Check this page.


1 February 2021 - India’s finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has put forward multiple proposals aimed at tackling the challenging situation of the 453 million migrant workers in India, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Among these are ensuring that all workers receive minimum wages, social security benefits, and urging for the increase in supply of affordable rental housing. In addition, experts are anticipating proper enforcement of schemes like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) that would help in improving the unemployment rate. Learn more about living and working in times of the coronavirus

Minimum Wages

Minimum wages in Delhi (effective from 1 October 2020) vary for a skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled worker. For a skilled worker- an individual who performs the work efficiently, makes an independent judgement and is highly responsible- the basic minimum wage per month is INR  18,563 (USD 254). Learn more about minimum wages in India 

Jobs and Pay

Ever wondered about the salary range for different jobs? In India, the salary range for an advertising professional per month is from 18,885.96 INR to 2,38,302.04 INR. On the other hand, the salary range per month for a finance manager is from 30,831.24 INR to 1,89,122.29 INR. Know more about different jobs and pay in India



India: Salary

How much the income of an employee with the same work experience, vary within the same profession? In India, the average monthly salary of an accountant with two years of work experience is 35,675 INR. The highest salary received by an accountant is 60,535 INR whereas the lowest is 22,455 INR.  Compare your salary with others from the same profession. Find out with our unique Salary Checker

Paid Annual Leave

How does paid annual leave differ for young and adult workers? WageIndicator reports that in India, after 15 working days, a worker under 15 years qualifies for a day of earned break. Whereas, after 20 working days, an adult worker qualifies for an earned leave of one day. Click here to know more about leave and holidays

India Facts

  • With the technological innovations and strides we are seeing today, what choosing a career is ever more important. For example, the demand for data scientists is more than the supply, and as for the pay, it’s great! For example, the average annual salary for a data scientist is 8,15,779 INR and the same for a data architect is 19,00,000 INR! Learn more about your salary
  • Did you know that Indian cricketer Virat Kohli earns 6,53,846.15 INR (8946.66 USD) per  day? The national minimum wage in India is 176 INR (2.41 USD) per day. This indicates that  Virat Kohli earns approximately 3700 times more than the average Indian per day! Learn more about minimum wages in India
  • A major consumer of dairy products and a country with a large vegetarian population, India is also a prominent producer of milk and vegetables. It is the global leader when it comes to the production of milk, and the second-largest producer of vegetables. Take the cost of living survey
  • It is said that Indians can be found in all corners of the world! The Indian diaspora is the largest, clocking in at around 18 million people. Further, the people who come under this label are the most successful immigrants in certain countries like the US, holding leading positions in some of the most prominent firms. Although it may seem like this is a phenomenon of brain-drain, the Indian economy benefits massively. In 2018, the nation gained the highest remittances globally, around 79 billion USD. Check work and wages in India
  • India’s annual GDP growth rate in FY 2019-2020 year is expected to be 5 per cent, the lowest since 2008-09’s 3.1 per cent. The figures and data presented by the Central Statistics Office show that economic reforms have jolted the economy, with reduced private sector investment and purchasing power of the workers in the primary sector. How does this affect workers in India?
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