Q.How does Paycheck India work ?

Ans: Paycheck India hosts free salary checker service available to, and used by people in different occupations. It allows people to compare their salary with that of others doing a similar job.

The Online questionnaire, which generates the data, is divided into different sections:

1. Occupation and education
2. Place of work
3. Employment history
4. Working hours
5. Employment contract and salary
6. Personal questions

The questionnaire outcome is calculated on the basis of the dataset made up of all the voluntary contributions of earlier web visitors. The datasets gives you information on:

1. The average salary per industry
2. The average salary per occupation
3. Salary differences related to region, gender and ethnic group, etc.

Site visitors can check their own earnings, and compare them with users whose data have been previously gathered and stored in Paycheck India website. By comparison you can find out whether or not you are being treated fairly by your employer, and paid the market rate for your job.

Q.What is Salary Checker ?

Ans: Paycheck website with its “salary checker” gives an insight into the earnings of working people. This information will be valuable to employees in negotiating salary/pay for promotion and recruitment. It would help employers to determine the salary levels; plan a strategy that attracts the best talents available. And would help trade unions and NGOs reach stronger negotiating positions.

Q.Where does all this salary information come from ?

Ans: This is where you come in. Paycheck relies on people from all parts of the country, in all sorts of different jobs, to give us information about their employment conditions. All you need to do is fill in the online survey. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

In return for letting us know about your salary, you get to know salary of other thousand people. We think it’s a good deal. The salary data you provide is completely anonymous and we won’t ask you name of your employer.

Q.Why should I fill up salary survey ?

Ans: Information relating to pay/salary is still treated as confidential and secret. Especially in new organized sectors like IT, salaries are not discussed and there is no effort to benchmark them. Although salary information is available, it is not easy or cheap to access.

By filling up the salary survey you get to know your market value with insights to salaries paid to employees in various countries.You can also use our Minimum Wage Checker (MWC) and get to know the minimum wage data for all Indian States.




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