Developing effective work habits

Developing effective work habitsOnce a fresh graduate gets an offer letter from a particular company he is all excited. He eagerly waits for his joining so that he can display his knowledge and skills in the corporate world. However the workplace is totally different from his college or university and it will be good to inculcate some strong work habits that will increase the chances of success in his career. These are in fact very basic habits that all of us perhaps are aware of.

An HR professional says, “In the initial days you are expected to maintain good inter-personal relationships and dress appropriately to office. This I guess applies to all employees but it is all the more important for freshers. It may take some time to remember the names of everybody you are introduced to but you should be nice to one and all irrespective of their position in the organization. You should also be aware of the dress code and present yourself accordingly. For example, most IT companies allow employees to come in casuals on Fridays. So you are not expected to turn up in a suit and tie on such a day. A positive attitude and the willingness to learn will take you a long way in your career.”

As new joiners the first impression you make will be the lasting one. An employee working in a reputed BPO in Bangalore explains, “Be enthusiastic, take initiative and complete the work paying attention to details. If you need any help do not hesitate to ask your supervisor. You should report to work on time even if there is a flexible policy in your organization. Manage your time effectively and maintain your workspace properly. This will reflect that you are an organized individual.” “As new employees you should be careful while discussing sensitive subjects like religion. It is also better to keep yourself away from gossips and office politics. You should not extend your lunch hours beyond the stipulated time and take frequent breaks. Basically you should exhibit professionalism in whatever you do at the workplace,” adds an IT professional.

You may have achieved high scores in your student life yet life at the workplace is totally different and you have to adjust yourself accordingly. Developing positive work habits and meeting the expectation of the employer will help you in making a successful career. So just apply your common sense and gain appreciation from your co-workers.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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