Discipline at work

DISCIPLIN AT WORKIntelligence, adaptability, willingness to learn, industriousness are the qualities that every company looks for in a fresher. An important characteristic that is very significant for a fresher’s success in his job is demonstration of discipline. Being a fresher you need to be disciplined in your act. Every company has certain policies and procedures for its employees. The professional who works in discipline is always an asset for the company. The people, who have climbed the ladder of success in corporate life, have been the employees, who have been disciplined in their workplace.The freshers, who join work, after their colleges don’t have the actual idea of the work. It’s learning process for them.

In an organizational context, the following behaviors will be considered as indicating discipline
• Meeting targets set for the individual and for the team
• Completing allotted work within specified timelines
• Following punctuality of coming to work at the expected time and not being late
• Showing respect to senior colleagues and your boss
• Airing your concerns politely and not aggressively
• Wearing clothes appropriately to work
• Calling up / informing before the employee takes leave of absence
• Contributing to maintaining the decorum of the workplace
• Behaving respectfully and with decency towards colleagues, both male and female

Following all the above, reflects your manners, attitude and the seriousness about your job. A disciplined person catches the eye of seniors far earlier than colleagues do. Being disciplined at work you create a positive image of yourself, you gain the confidence to win the faith of your senior employees and you will be showered with more responsibilities. There will be chance to learn more things. Your results in work would be far superior quality then the undisciplined employees. Discipline will help you to make better impression with your colleagues and your chances of growth in career would be higher.  

Respect is another major aspect of discipline. A person should always give respect to his seniors. No matter how talented you are but if you are not disciplined than you are not going to be liked or trusted by your seniors, colleagues and friends. Time management is an essential part of discipline in work environment and being a fresher a person needs to be more disciplined in this aspect.

It is very critical for freshers to be well behaved as it will help them in making the transition from a college atmosphere to a corporate atmosphere much quicker and smoother. Some of the behaviors that were not so seriously taken in the college (coming late to class or not informing before missing a class) might have different implications at the work place. It is very vital to practice discipline before stepping into professional fields.

Simple disciplines of punctuality (both in terms of time and meeting deadlines or targets), setting priorities right, the way one carry and presents oneself makes the sailing smooth in the competitive world of corporate as it is believed that discipline is learned not inherited.


- Romila Chitturi (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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