Is professional writing a viable career in India for freshers?

professional writing

Professional writing is a new and upcoming career in India that is creating niche opportunities for fresh graduates who have a flair for writing and subject expertise in a particular area. The expansion of the Information Technology and communications industry in India and abroad has led to the rising surge in jobs for full-time, part-time and freelance professional writers. The proliferation of Internet has also meant that millions of companies and individuals around the world are creating their own websites, and each website requires good and interesting content. Massive volume of content writing work is being shipped to countries like India, and delivered in finished form by Indian writers by way of online writing.

Online writing has also meant that even housewives and mothers who are unable to work outside are able to take up writing jobs and work during their convenient hours from the comfort of their home itself, as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. People are working as web content writers, ghost writers, copywriters, editors, proof readers, creative or fiction writers, research writers, technical writers, translators etc. There is a consistent global demand for good writers in these areas and India is an ideal destination because of the large English-speaking urban community in India. (1)

Technical writing is one of the major upcoming areas in the field of professional writing in India. Technical writers essentially specialize in explaining various technologies and technological products and services in simple language for the non-technical readers. They are required to produce “How to use” manuals, online help files, installation guides, repair manuals, technical project reports, and technical content for presentations and brochures for technology oriented industries such as software, healthcare, communications, engineering and electronics. To become a technical writer, it is usually important to have a basic technical knowledge or qualification in a particular technical field. (2)

Technical Writers of India (TWIN) is a leading online portal to bring together young aspirants who aim to make a career in technical writing. Its goal is to create an online community of technical writers who share their expertise with each other for mutual benefit of career advancement. (3)

There is a boom in the professional writing industry internationally, and the benefits of that booming demand are seen in India as many international content management companies are transferring their writing work to India due to competitive pricing. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is major component of this sector where proficient writers in diverse fields such as accountancy, medicine, law, technology, and business management have an excellent opportunity to succeed. Many professionals are using their writing skills as an opportunity to earn extra income after their regular working hours in their profession. (4)

For youngsters with a natural writing talent (in English), it is time to take notice of the changing global scenario in the field of professional writing. If there is a passion for writing, this career becomes interesting, enriching and well-paying too. International clients are especially able to offer more lucrative remunerations to Indian writers. Therefore, it is a career worth considering for any young Indian professional or a fresher with a natural flair of writing.


- Vikas Vij (views expressed in the article are that of the author)







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