Know thy office software for a smooth ride in your academic and professional life

office softwareIf you are among the people who have got that coveted admission in a college, it’s no time to rest. In the rigorous academic environment at colleges these days, learning to use productivity software is an essential requirement. Yes. Office software like Microsoft Office, Google apps, Open office and IBM Lotus Notes are not only becoming increasingly functional but almost indispensable for students and professionals across various streams.

Students across various fields have sworn by the efficacy of office software in making their lives easier. In fact, almost every major subject taught in college has one or the other component requiring the use of popular office software like the ones mentioned above. Google apps are becoming increasingly popular among students and are hosted online instead the user’s computer. Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office application among users and completely dominates the market.

Office software tools not only assist students in making reports, presentations and the likes but are also powerful enough to perform full-scale analysis of data. This is one of the most striking features of Microsoft Excel, a popular office application. External add-ins can also be installed in Excel to make it a one-stop-shop for all academic computations. A variety of simulations and analysis including Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, asset valuation and portfolio analysis are done using the software.

In the corporate world, Office software is conspicuous by its presence. From making boardroom presentations to delivering those product timeline and analysis reports, these softwares are your best friends in office. Their most functionally desirable quality is seen while working in groups, where sharing of ideas and data leads to better collaboration and work output.

Open office, developed by Sun Microsystems, is open-source office software. It combines the features and capabilities of paid software, and the best part, it is downloadable for free. Google docs, presentation and spreadsheet software provide a unique ability to perform real-time collaboration, sharing and information exchange. It has radically changed the way students work in groups and has driven up productivity of academic workplaces.

Clearly, the world has come a long way from manual calculations, analysis and hand-made reports. The modern and ever-changing work environment these days not only requires an up-to-date knowledge of office software, but the ability to constantly unlearn and relearn concepts; more so for college students.


- Sumeet Seth (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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