Look beyond the obvious

Look beyond the obviousThere is no doubt that the recession has hit the global economy in a hard way. It is a difficult time for fresh graduates. Most have either received their offer letters and are eagerly awaiting a call from their hiring companies; while others are still yet to find a job in such unprecedented situations. And in the midst of all the havoc many small and medium sector companies are looking into hiring fresh talents.

Even fresh graduates are now ready to expand their boundaries and look into a career option other than MNC’s or top notch companies. In recent times the focus has shifted to small and medium enterprises. They might offer lesser salaries but a fresh graduate can learn immensely from the job, explore their creativity and expertise, as well as gain hands-on experience and facilitate a career growth for themselves. Even small and medium sectors take this opportunity to target fresh talent who might stick with them for a longer time. Working with a small sector unit has quite a few advantages. “SME’s always stand a chance in any market in the long run as one can learn and have the freedom of implementing new things unlike in a MNC or other Private houses. There is a larger scope for learning and experimenting with new things as not many things are set. There is tremendous scope to hone ones entrepreneurial skills. Most importantly is the fact that SME’s have lesser hierarchy and bureaucracy as compared to larger organizations”, says a senior HR personnel.

Since there are fewer employees in a SME than a larger organization one gets to have an experience of all the aspects of the business- in turn building confidence, skills and knowledge about a domain other than their forte. Lesser hierarchy also offers chances of faster growth and promotions as compared to working in a MNC. With the diversity of work comes the sense of responsibility and young people imbibe this at an early age. All employees are made a part of decision making and important meetings which does not happen in larger organizations.

It is time now to look beyond the usual at other new avenues that might offer a bit more to job seekers. Small and medium sector enterprises might be a bit low profile now, but it is the best place to learn; experience and hone ones talents. The sector is waiting to be explored and wanting to provide great opportunities to young minds and maybe some future entrepreneurs as well!


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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