Skills employers look for in freshers

Skills employers look for in freshersWhen you begin your job search campaign as a fresh graduate you will find that there are many candidates applying for a particular position. With no past experience freshers only have their academic performance to show to the employers. But sometimes your batch-mates with much lesser scores might get a job before you. This means that apart from technical knowledge companies use certain other parameters to judge freshers.

It is these “other parameters” that sets one candidate apart from the other./>“We cannot deny the fact that a good educational background is the first criteria used to shortlist resumes. But apart from bookish knowledge most companies prefer candidates who have mastered some soft skills particularly communication skills”, says an HR professional.

Indeed, the most important of all skills is oral and written communication skills. Sound communication will help you grab the attention of all and you can easily carve a place for yourself in the organization. Employers also prefer candidates who are proactive, good team players, one who is ready to accept challenges and grasp things quickly. Other skills which will give you an advantage include time management, problem solving and presentation skills. After all you have to put theory into practice in the corporate world. Again, organizations function in a dynamic environment and hence look for candidates who are flexible and can quickly adapt to changes.

Since the education process in India does not produce industry ready products, freshers need to take initiative and acquire these skills on their own. “Talk to seniors who are already on the job or use the internet to develop the relevant skills. Whatever skills you mention as your strengths to impress your future employer you should keep yourself ready with suitable examples in support of them. Basically you should be strong in fundamentals and be good in analytical and communication skills”, advises a recruitment consultant. In fact your smartness, presence of mind, body language and general attitude will all be taken into consideration in the interview process.

Employment opportunities for freshers in India have increased in manifold over the last few years. The only way to have an edge over others in the job market is to assess yourself and hone your employable skills accordingly. Employers look for certain basic qualities and if you can groom yourself to meet their expectation you can secure your dream job in no time.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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