Effects of long working hours on IT programmers

Effects of long working hours on IT programmers It is well known fact that the job of IT programmers almost always involves working long hours. Many times the project requires collaborating with people in different time zones. In such cases employees have to stay back beyond normal timings and finish their work. But all work and no play surely has a negative effect on the physical and mental well-being of such employees.

If you are planning to take some days off from work, do so only after consulting your colleagues at work and seniors. You must see whether there are any important assignments or meetings coming up during the festive season that might want your personal attention.

Long hours spent in office compel some of them to think only about their careers thereby neglecting their personal lives. A counselor clarifies, “For women employees, working long hours is all the more stressful. In our society, it is the woman who has to bear the major brunt of household work. At the end of a long working day when she cannot fulfill family expectation she feels irritated. This gives rise to a conflict with her partner and children.”

Working long hours has a negative impact on the organization as well. Employees who are physically and mentally tired will be unable to put in their best. They cannot come up with innovative ideas. As a result, the productivity and profitability of the company adversely gets affected. In order to minimize the ill-effects of working long hours organizations can impart proper training so that the work can be completed within the stipulated time. Moreover, companies can recruit sufficient number of employees and organize regular health check up campaigns for their well-being.

It is sad but true that culture of long working hours is harmful for the employee as well as the organisation. Therefore, the need of the hour is to take some realistic measures from both sides to overcome this growing problem. After all, it cannot be denied that the output will be much better when one is in a relaxed mood than by working overtime.


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