Gender Gap: Where do Indian Women figure in the World?

Article describes working life of Indian women, gender gap, salary information, compensation, average salary and discrimination against women in India.

Emerging global giant India treats its women poorly. As a result, the country has created a huge gap between men and women in economic participation, education, political empowerment and health.

Jobs and salaries are a part of the critical factors that determine the Gender Gap.

According to the World Economic Forum, India ranks a low 98 in a list of 115 countries as far as the Gender Gap is concerned.  It prepared the list last year (2006), along with the London School of Economics and Harvard University.

While no country in the world has achieved 100 % equality between men and women, only Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland have closed the Gender Gap by about 80 %.

While India ranks 98 among 115 countries in Gender Gap, China ranks better at the 63rd position.

So, what does the survey mean to the working woman in India?

Quite simply put, India is growing stronger economically, but the fruits of development are not shared equally. Men and women are not equal at the work place.

It means that pay and position are not the same for both.

As a woman, are you getting what a man would?

Tell us how much you earn, so that we can tell you the truth about Gender Gap at work.


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