Healthy Living for Working Mothers

healthy Working Women Rajita Biswas, 38, a mother of a 6 year-old daughter, works as Research Assistant in a Financial Consultancy firm in Delhi. Apart from juggling with her domestic chores and office work, Rajita finds time for her Power Yoga classes thrice a week. Rajita is a part of the ever-growing brigade of health-conscious working mothers who are taking health as the biggest asset in their life and are leaving no stone unturned to be always in the pink of health.

Rajita says, “Rising cases of osteoporosis and different kinds of cancer in women, has led women to take care of themselves, especially for the working women. As working women and a mother, I need to be on my toes all the time and it is very important that I eat well. I even consult a dietician to keep a track of my food habits and ensure that my food intake contain enough nutrients.”

Like Rajita, there are many others who visit dieticians, nutritionists and health experts to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Deepti Aggarwal, a dietician who runs her diet clinic by the name of “Diet India” advises, “Apart from a daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy ones, women should also have plenty of fluids in the form of juices. Women should avoid smoking and drink only moderate amount of alcohol.”

Menaka Nagpal, a Vice President with an Ad agency in Delhi says, “Being someone from the ad world, means, working late-nights on creative and endless meetings, which takes a toll on my body. Besides, I have to take care of my two young boys, who, thankfully, are well-taken care of by my in-laws and husband.”

Menaka continues, “To stay healthy, I make it a point never to miss my morning jog and my 30 minute yoga session, apart from getting my 7-hour sleep.”

Dr Ajay Shankar, a clinic psychologist, says, “I have a number of working mothers coming to me with complaints of not being able to balance domestic and work life. My main advice is the same – Eat well and exercise. When the body is fit, the mind is relaxed.”

Dr Shankar adds, “Working mothers need to spend 15-20 minutes every day on their own and just relax and not do anything. Also, she needs to unwind with her spouse and children more often than get bogged down by office work. Learn to say a ‘no’ to certain things.”

Ranjana Lalwani, 39, is a single-parent to a 10-year old school boy, is a busy working mother from 7am to 7pm every weekday. Ranjana says, “Right from packing off my son to school in the morning, to preparing myself to go to office, work and back – it becomes very stressful. That’s when I decided to go for my prayer sessions at the Soka Gakkai International community. These sessions have made me a lot more mentally agile and given me strength to cope up with stress to a large extent.”

Thanks to a many New-Age techniques such as yoga and meditation, besides, the learning from nutritionists, dieticians and health care experts, working mothers are now exploring every opportunity to keep themselves physically healthy and mentally active to lead a more purposeful life, amidst the hectic lifestyle that they lead.


- Suniet Bezbaroowa  (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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