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How do you maintain work-life balance? What is your strategy?


Responses from our Linkedin members:

“ Hi, I'm not a working mom, but a coach and therapist in work-life balance. A good strategy to get a better balance, is to "chunk down" your day and your week. For instance: combine telephone calls in 1-2 hours of telephone-time a week. Only go for grocerys hopping once a week. Make monday laundry-day, etc. That way you won't be running in circles all the time, trying to do everything at the same time, which makes you stressed and scattered. I hope this advise will help you to get more balanced. I have many other advises!”

--Anneke van der Kuip, Trainer/ coach and consultant at GreenHat

“ 1. Be clear on what's non-negotiable in your work AND personal life, and stop negotiating with yourself and others.
2. Hold your boundaries - learn how to say NO with grace and ease.
3. Remember that taking care of yourself has everything to do with being successful at work and at home.

I'm both a working mom and an executive/leadership coach, so work/life balance is always top of mind!”

--Amy Kovarick, Executive/Personal Coach, Amy K Coaching

“ I agree with the statement regarding setting boundaries. You need to know what you will and won't sacrifice for your family. To me, family is most important and there are certainly things that won't be sacrificed.

I try to leave work at work. When I leave for the day, I attempt to focus on my family. This also applies at work, trying to focus on work instead of family. If you are successful in doing this, I feel you have more of yourself to offer to your family when you walk in the door at home.

Being the primary earner in my household, this is very important. My family likes to have my attention when I come home. Putting aside the issues of the day and focusing on them is really a stress reliever. And they deserve the attention.”

-- Sandra Kacarka, Account Executive at Humana


According to you, how do companies support their female employees in their organisation?


Responses from our Linkedin Members:

“ Corporates and geography have different rules for supporting female employees. However the principal guidelines being

- Equal pay for equal work

- No gender biases and more important

- Raise the % of female employees in the organisation to the level of male population and also more senior level opportunities for the female employees.”

-- Vinod Mehra Sales Consultant and a Trainer helping YOU succeed faster

“ Policies such as:

1) Equal opportunities of career path

2) Sexual harassment - complaint handling policies

3) Child birth- pre& post care - leave and work from home policies

4) Long break from work for joining spouse policies

5) Promoting training programs for woman to improve skills

Some of these policies are existing formally or informally in many organisations”

-- Ranganathan TS, MD Renaissance (AUST) Pty

“ By strictly following a non-discrimination policy on gender, in hiring, compensations, promotions, career development.”

-- Frank Feather, CEO /Director/Ex-Banker/Business Futurist/ Speaker

“Sabbatical post maternity leave, if no other support system is available at home for women employees. Ensuring women friendly policies like flexi work options for young mothers. Support in terms of a creche, playschool in and around the work area and part sponsored by the employer. Free transport for women working late hours.  Security provided cabs when women employees are dropped last in the night. Anti Sexual Harrassment policies etc”

-- Puja Khanduja Gaur, Manager - Talent Planning and Management at Infosys BPO

” 1. Have a very strong ethical environment in the company.
2. Have strong policy against harassment at work place.
3. Provide flexi-timing for female employees (as much possible)
4. For mothers to be, give light work
5. Give maternity leave magnanimously
6. Celebrate woman's day in spirit
7.Create a women welfare officer position in the company
8.Train male colleagues, seniors, juniors, peers etc, in respecting women at work place
9.Few job profiles can be put aside for female employees  only
10.Pick and drop facility for them
11. If possible  permit them to work from home
12. Invite their husbands in campus sometime, have a small party and understand their subtle concern
13. Crech can be made available for mothers
To my mind, creating a culture of giving due respect to ladies in work place, is the biggest motivating factor. But supporting female employees should not be at the cost of their male colleagues. There should be consideration for female employees,  but when it comes to PERFORMANCE at work place there must be 100 percent, fair game, else all such policies will backfire. And this fair mindset should be clearly demonstrated in the company, without any doubt or whisper.”

-- Pramod Srivastavat,  Program Manage

“ There is so much that companies can do to support female employees. Being gender blind won’t help, because women face challenges in the workplace that men don’t. Here are a few ideas:

Have women in senior management, in the exec, on the board and on interviewing panels. This way women can see that they’re valued, and any men uncomfortable being interviewed/managed by a woman won’t be welcomed.

Offering ample professional development opportunities. Including all female networking and mentoring events. Also,  have a strong mentoring program with both female and male mentors, to ensure empathy, advice and connections for female employees.

Ensuring your social events and traditions are comfortable and accepting of women employees. Systems and Processes that quickly and effectively deal with sexual harassment or bullying complaints.

Maintaining objective performance review methods, so personal relationships with male bosses and executives don’t count, and women come to the review confident its her results, not her personality that it being assessed.

Having a fair maternity leave program and suitable on and off ramps, and offering some flexibility for women with children/dependents so they can continue to work well.”

-- Jennifer Dalitz    

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