November 25 - International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women
Venue: Hyderabad

Organised by UNITES Professionals in cooperation with Paycheck India Project At IIMA, ITUC, UNI, and WageIndicator Foundation

On the occasion of ‘International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women’ to  spread awareness about ‘Decisions for Life’ project among the NGOs in Hyderabad about 12 NGOs were contacted 7 of them were willing to receive a mail to understand the project. Finally only 3 of them gave confirmation to have a meeting to discuss how our networking with them could be mutually beneficial. None of these NGOs were organizing an event to observe this particular day. In the morning, 25th November, 2009 the first appointment with Synergy India Foundation (Kiran Saanerla, Basavaraj & Padma Reddy) was postponed as there was a delay in their getting together.


The second appointment with Asmita Resource center for Women (Pallavi) turned out to be a good meeting however for the results to come I may have to meet up with them again. This organization is into giving help in terms of Counseling, Legal Services, Education, Literacy, Research, Petitioning and Advocacy etc. to women. After the presentation we discussed if they will let me speak to the women who are about to take jobs to introduce them to Decisions for Life project. However, the decision is not taken yet. Also, if we could display their website on Decisions for Life page with a purpose to help and advise women in Andhra Pradesh. The discussion was not concluded.


The third meeting in the afternoon was with Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (Devi Prasad and K.V.S Reddy). This meeting was very fruitful. After the presentation we discussed about the plight of the IT Industry professionals who go through bad experiences. Since they do a lot of training for the young people who are below poverty line to establish them in various careers, they have agreed to let us give a session on Decisions for Life project just before these people take up jobs.


On 26th November, 2009 the meeting with Synergy India Foundation was held. They have undertaken two projects to re-build government schools which were almost in shambles, the schools were re-named after the name of this Foundation. They have plans to start training women who will move into organized sector. They have committed to invite us to introduce Decisions for Life to these women.


All in all a good start in terms of networking with NGOs for Decisions for Life and once steps are diligently followed this project will make an impact in Andhra Pradesh.




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