Proposed Legislations and Other Provisions

Proposed Legislation


Sexual Harassment of Women at their Work Place (Prevention) Bill, 2006

At present, there is no specific legislation in India to deal with sexual harassment of women at workplace. The Sexual Harassment of Women at their Work Place (Prevention) Bill, 2006 is pending approval form both the houses of Parliament.

The bill once passed aims at providing legal protection to women at workplace against any kind of sexual harassment ranging from staring to rape. Till then, the guidelines that the Supreme Court has laid down in the case of Vishaka vs. State of Rajasthan are to be followed. These guidelines encompass a comprehensive definition of sexual harassment, directions for establishment of a complaint mechanism and the duty under which employers are obligated to obviate any such act.



Women Bartenders

The Supreme Court of India has struck down the Excise law of 1941 prohibiting women bartending in Delhi. The Court has also reduced the age of bartenders from 25 to 21 years.

The States where liquor is sold and served lawfully are now free to amend their Excise Laws to allow women to work as bar tenders in pubs and restaurants.

Such initiatives have already been introduced in states like Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Chennai.[28]



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Disclaimer: This section provides only a brief of Indian legislation and should not be considered as legal advice.




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