Dealing with a man friendly workplace

Dealing with social guiltThere has been a steady rise in the number of working women in India. Whether it is literature, business, politics, IT, media or entertainment female employees are no longer a rare species in any of these spheres. But the fact remains that these women no matter what position they hold, still have to battle it out at the workplace with their male counterparts. In order to sail through smoothly in a male dominated corporate world, it is important that women deal with the situation tactfully without blaming their biological status.

Although times are changing, even today many men have ego problems with women sharing the same workplace as them. They have a tendency to underestimate their female counterparts. It is the responsibility of the women executives to take it as a challenge and resolve these issues either with the help of other female colleagues or those male colleagues who are supportive enough.

A counselor dealing with women issues suggests, “Develop a positive mindset and never suffer from an inferiority complex because you belong to the fairer sex. Leave all your inhibitions behind.” In fact every woman whether working or otherwise has a lot of strength which can be used to their advantage.

“Do not meekly accept what is offered to you. Instead, put forward your viewpoints in an assertive and confident manner. Never feel shy or scared to ask for what you deserve. If you are justified in what you are saying it will be entertained for sure irrespective of whether you are male or female. If you see any sort of discrimination against you or any of your female colleagues then raise your voice against it. Your male peers should not take you for granted. It is a universal truth that women are more emotional than men. But never let others take advantage of you by exploiting you emotionally. Do not ask for any favor or expect special treatment from anybody just because you are a woman”, says a women executive with more than a decade’s experience.

Any personal differences fostered by men against women or vice- versa should be kept aside in the interest of the organization. Men should keep pace with the times and accept the fact that women have proved themselves in the corporate world and are no less competent than them. After all a gender conflict will ultimately hinder the progress of the organization in the long run.

- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)




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