Getting back to work after a break

Getting back to work after a breakA period of absence at the workplace in the form of a month’s break or a two year sabbatical is quite common in the lives of most women employees. This career break as it is popularly called is largely due to personal commitments. Going for a break is exciting but once you have taken care of your responsibilities and are ready for a comeback you feel a bit worried. Questions like whether to work full time or as a freelancer, how to start again and find a job keep haunting you.

However, getting back on the corporate ladder is a lot easier today as organizations have introduced several liberal policies in support of their women employees. “We believe that female employees willing to rejoin work after a break are an enthusiastic, refreshed and motivated lot. As far as skills gap is concerned it is easily taken care of by training. We encourage such candidates to apply in our company and provide them with the much-needed support”, says the HR head of an IT company. Times surely are changing and this is quite an assurance for women returners.

The most important step is to prepare a well-worded CV in order to manage the “gap” intelligently. Do not state directly that you have been out of work for ‘x’ number of years. Mention any activity that you may have been involved in during this break however minor it might seem to be. Remember organizations give as much importance to soft skills as to technical skills. Once you decide to get back to work conduct some research on the job market and study about the companies that you intend to target. Browse through magazines and websites that focus on industry trends and get in touch with old colleagues. This will give you an idea of what is really happening out there.

An employee who recently got back to work after a long gap suggests, “Be practical and ask yourself what you actually want and why you want to get back to work. Communicate your desires to your family who will be directly affected by this change in your lifestyle. Make a confident approach and you are sure to have a smooth transition.”

The basic idea is to do some homework before you take that crucial leap. Be positive and confident for you are no less than others. After all you are getting back to work with fresh ideas and new experiences which will be an asset to any organization.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)




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