Striking a balance through telecommuting

Striking a balance through telecommutingTelecommuting is becoming increasingly popular in today’s working culture. A flexible work schedule in the form of telecommuting is preferred by those women employees who need to take care of personal responsibilities along with work. This approach ensures working from a distance, thanks to modern technologies.

More and more organizations are adopting telecommuting programs today. A certain level of trust should exist between the employer and the employee to make it work out properly. “We provide connectivity to those who telecommute through VPN (Virtual Private Network) over broadband. It enables us to get in touch with them whenever necessary. Telecommuting reduces the attrition rate and absenteeism in the organization. Employees have less stress working from home and when the situation demands they even work on weekends and holidays. This results in higher productivity. We also save on real estate and housekeeping costs to some extent,” says a HR executive.

Telecommuting is a good way for female employees to balance work and family life. Since, there is no constant supervision telecommuters have complete freedom to finish the work according to their own convenience. However, deadlines have to be strictly adhered to. This method helps the environment by saving commuting time, oil, pollution etc. There is no commuting expense as well. Moreover, it is a good way of keeping oneself away from office politics and/or disturbances from colleagues.

Says a female employee who telecommutes, “The employer may not keep a track on how much time the employee is devoting but at the end of the day your productivity will surely be monitored. So never try to take advantage of the liberty you are getting.” Actually it takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline to work from home.

“It is good to have a separate space at home for work and to keep it organized. You should not allow your family members to take you for granted since you are working away from office. On your part you should know where to draw the line between work and home. Negotiate on your salary tactfully since some companies tend to pay less to those who telecommute. Stay in touch wit some colleagues at work so that you are aware of what is really happening out there,” suggests another employee.

The success of telecommuting actually depends on effective time management. A telecommutable job will give you increased job satisfaction as well as immense pleasure for your contribution to life at home.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)




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