Work-life balance: Can women be both sharers and carers?

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Work and Life BalanceTimes have changed.
From the time the husband earned, and the wife stayed at home.
To the time now when the husband earns and the wife earns too.
But the wife still cooks and washes and runs the house. So, how does she balance her work with life at home?

Often, working women drop out of the work force when they are doing well, simply because they wanted to stay at home with their children, or care for an ageing parent. Or for both reasons.

And then there are women who have children later in life because they want to work for reasons of personal satisfaction or for the money. 

So, can a woman have it all?

Experts believe that the key to personal work-life balance lies in time management and realistic expectations.

The working woman should refuse to take on too much. She should adopt a sense of priorities.  If she has children, she should teach them to share responsibilities.

But what about the husband? Has he changed at all anywhere in the world?

Surprisingly, a survey in the UK revealed that a majority of men want a 50/50 partnership with their wives both at work and home. They no longer see themselves as macho men.
They want to spend more time with their children.

Has the Indian man kept pace with the times? Can you achieve a work-life balance?




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