Working in the same organization as your husband

Working in the same organization as your husbandThere has been a steady rise in the number of working women in recent years. Many times it is also noticed that the husband and wife are working in the same office. Some organizations encourage the idea of spouses working with each other as colleagues while for others it is a complete ‘no’. Of course there are both pros and cons associated with this practice.

A women executive working with her husband for the last two years says, “It is very convenient for us since we can spend more time with each other. We cut down on travelling costs as we commute together. If I have any problems he is easily accessible and being in the same organization he can guide me on work issues better. However, we do not generally interfere in each other’s work and give each other the much needed space. In fact it has strengthened our relationship.”

This trend is catching up well with working couples. However, a counselor dealing with women issues advises, “Couples working together need to know where to draw the line between their personal and professional lives. It is after all not advisable to take work problems home. Similarly, if they fight on some personal issues they should not carry those arguments next day in office for the purpose of taking revenge. They should leave their personal relationships behind and treat each other like colleagues while at work.” Actually it all depends on the maturity level of the particular couple.

In recent times, most progressive organizations are allowing husbands and wives to work together. An HR professional working in the IT sector says, “Couples working together for the same company is a healthy trend. It is noticed that a sense of belongingness of such employees is more than others. They are more satisfied by maintaining work - life balance. However, if they are working in the same team and apply for leave at the same time then it becomes a problem. Often ego clashes between them hurt the organization’s productivity. Before taking such a decision they should clearly think if they are prepared to see each other all day and night. Conflicts in the organization can heighten to such an extent that it may ruin their personal relationship.”

In order to reduce stress and strike a balance between your personal and professional lives it is good to work in the same office as your husband. However, it is important that you behave in an unbiased and professional manner so that there is no scope for controversy. If this arrangement works well it is good for both of you as well as for the organization.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)




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