Changing career paths

changing career paths Are you bored of your current profile? Do you want to explore your new found passion or venture in some business? Do you feel that your present position has no potential for career growth? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s surely time for a change.

Today a switch from one career to another in an altogether different field is not uncommon. A career change is of course a challenging task full of uncertainties. But if you have the courage and determination, it is always welcome to take some amount of risk.Realistic expectations together with a solid plan hold the key to success when making a second career. It is important that you do not rush into a new field leaving your current job straightaway. Instead gear yourself up for it side by side and take the plunge when you are completely ready. List out all the options and consider the pros and cons of each one based on educational requirements, job prospects and salary, and most important your area of interest. Remember you will not only have to convince your prospective employer about your choice but also your family who may not allow you to go ahead with it easily. In fact if you plan to start a business you need to find investors and convince them as well so that they are willing to provide the funds.

In case, your new field requires some specialized skills you can upgrade your knowledge by enrolling yourself for a part time or distance learning course. Some online certifications can also prove useful. You can even have a real taste of the working world before accepting it full time by undertaking some freelance assignments. Initially you may have to accept a certain decline in income but this is part of the game. Do some homework to build your new network that will provide you with the much needed help and support. You can also find a mentor who will keep you away from all feelings of apprehension and insecurity and see you through the transition. However the whole process may take some good amount of time before things are in proper shape again, which would require a lot of patience from your side.

It is definitely not easy to leave your comfort zone and tread in an unknown territory. However, if you evaluate all possible parameters before you actually switch then you can keep yourself away from ‘ifs and buts’ of a new career to a great extent. After all, career change is a delicate issue and any small mistake can simply mar your future.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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