Ensuring safety in the workplace

safetySafety is a vital issue in all workplaces. It is the responsibility of the management to plan intelligently and eliminate all potential hazards thereby ensuring a safe working environment. It should be noted that safety issues is not only a matter of concern to those working in mines, construction sites or factories. It applies to all workplaces including the swanky IT and ITeS offices. It is equally important in home run small businesses as well.

Addressing potential threats on a priority basis is perhaps the most important and first step that should be taken by all companies. Neglecting workplace safety can lead to injuries, illnesses and sometimes even death. The safety policy of the organization needs to be communicated clearly across all levels. However it should not be only on paper but rigorously practiced as well. Examples include labeling chemical substances clearly or cleaning up any water that may have spilled on the floor immediately.

Employees interviewed across occupations expressed great concern and suggested some simple ways of maintaining a safe work environment.

1. Inculcate a positive safety culture by imparting basic training to all employees particularly to new recruits. Show them your concern about their safety.
2. Keep a well stocked first aid box and make employees aware of its availability.
3. Use gears appropriate for your occupation. For example construction workers can use helmets and gloves to protect themselves. Avoid inflammatory clothing (like silk) if you have to work close to fire. (In many workplaces trained safety officer is legally mandatory)
4. Recruit trained safety personnel who can take care of any emergencies. Do not neglect it as an extra financial burden.
5. If you spot any potential threat however minor it may be contact the concerned authorities immediately. Follow it up with them to make sure that it has been corrected. Remember a stitch in time saves nine.
6. All exits and walkways should always be kept clear and well lighted.
7. Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipments should be kept handy in all offices.
8. It is good to circulate a list containing important numbers like the local police, fire safety officer and hospitals among the workers.

Creating a safe workplace is of course the onus of the management. However employees or any visitor walking into the company premises should on their part follow some basic safety rules to help the authorities in their endeavor. Remember whoever ignores safety and resorts to unsafe behaviors may have to pay a huge price for it.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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