Final year students look up to an exciting work atmosphere

final year studentIt is that time of the year again when final year students from across numerous college campuses in India are tremendously excited about their placements. As many of them get placed in various companies, this excitement also generates high expectations among fresh college pass outs.

To begin with, choosing the company that matches with their skill sets and aspirations is a challenge. Many a times, location preferences also matter a lot. ‘I want to work in the analytics industry and would prefer to work in a metro city’, opine some students. However, some are more accommodating with regard to locations as long as they get to work in their chosen field.

Work atmosphere is one of the most important factors students look at before joining a company. Some are apprehensive about extended working hours while some expect decent employee care. Students desire workplaces to be more akin to ‘fun places’ where they can enjoy their work. For some, imaginations take them to unusual places. ‘I am a foodie. I want my company to offer free food throughout the day’ ‘I work best with light music playing in the background. It would be great if I can use headphones at work’ ‘Does the company have a sports lounge? I love to play ping-pong’ are some of the most common responses.

In general, what a fresher expects is transparent communication and a healthy work-life balance in a job. High emphasis is also given to the pre-confirmation training offered at some companies. Students are eager to join companies that ensure comprehensive training to its employees. International level work environment, excellent infrastructure and high avenues for career growth also constitute the ‘ideal’ workplace for the final year students. Some prefer a workplace where individual creativity is encouraged and nurtured while others wish to solve problems in a team.

With trends such as greater mobility, there is lesser traditional connection or sense of community for people in a workplace. This has created an expectation that the workplace will help overcome isolation and offer its own sense of community and connection. In effect, students want the work atmosphere to be an extension of college life where work and play goes hand in hand.


- Sumeet Seth (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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