How to enhance one’s Spirituality Quotient at work

SpiritualityAnirudh Sharma is pacing up and down the office corridor for the fourth time since morning and he dreads going back to his seat. This was the last thing he could have asked for on a Monday morning – his boss rebuked him in front of his team for not being present for an event that Anirudh thought his team need not be present.

Nervous, angry and remorseful – all these negative traits in Anirudh, seems, will definitely not lead to a good week ahead. What he could have done after the unpleasant Monday morning experience, was look at it as a positive learning experience and moved on. Only if Anirudh knew about ‘Spirituality Quotient’ (SQ) at work and applied it to minimise his growing negative thoughts.

SQ is defined as a measure of an individual’s spiritual intelligence to deal with everyday solutions in life, with a holistic approach. It is about the overall growth and development of a human being’s thought process that would aid in the discovery of one’s goals and lead to contentment and bliss. What we generally use at work is Intelligence Quotient (IQ) – that allows us to think in a logical and standardised manner, or Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that allows us to use our emotions to comprehend situations.

SQ, on the other hand, if used at work, can help us identify our hidden potential, give us a direction to make work more meaningful and demonstrate a calm and relaxed attitude in times of crisis.

Let’s look at a simple example to understand SQ. Sauvik Ghatak, an 32-year old Advertising professional, who works for a multi-national ad agency says, “My job profile demands me to think all the time – new and innovative concepts for my clients. Coffee does not help all the time, but a 10-minute session of desktop yoga surely does.”

Desktop Yoga is the new buzzword in New Age terminology to refresh oneself and ease off your stress at work. All you need to do is still the mind and blank out all thoughts for a few minutes, inhale-exhale exercises and a few stretching postures – all of which could be done right there sitting on your seat in your office.

Increasingly, many organisations, such as The Times of India Group has in-house Wellness and self-developmental workshops for its employees. Such workshops are aimed at increasing employee’s SQ and thereby make significant positive contributions to the growth of the organisation.

“SQ is all about being in control of oneself, particularly in tough conditions and being aware of your existence which has a meaning in this universe. With this powerful thought, one can easily overcome all workplace stress and lead a balanced life between work and home,” shares Ameeta Singh, a Senior Manager working in a private bank.

“Earlier, I must confess, that I used to derive sadistic pleasure by making my subordinates run around. I, also, used to argue at the slightest provocation by my colleagues. Now, thanks to meditation, yoga and thinking positive and happy thoughts, I have managed to enhance my SQ level,” continues Ameeta.

SQ is just not another parlance for yoga or meditation. SQ is about conducting oneself in the most transparent, humane, honest and fair manner at workplace. It is about treating your colleagues with dignity and respect. It is another chance to rejuvenate oneself and keep one’s workplace tensions at bay.


- Suniet Bezbaroowa (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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