Posting your resume online

online resumeThe increased internet penetration in recent times has added a new dimension to the recruitment process. Job portals specializing in domestic and international placements have come up in large numbers. E-recruitment has become the modern trend.

At a time when almost all recruiters access the database of various job sites to find potential candidates, the importance of submitting your resume online cannot be undermined. It not only helps you reach thousands of headhunters in a short time but in a cost effective manner as well. On successful registration when you log in to the portal, you can also view a list of recommended jobs matching your profile and can apply against these positions. In addition you can receive job alerts through email or mobile.

Points to remember while posting your resume online

1. The cyberspace is flooded with job portals. Choose the sites in which you would like to submit your resume carefully. It is good to restrict yourself to a limited number of job portals so that you can manage the responses.

2. When recruiters search for resumes for a certain vacancy the first thing they see is a summary of all matching profiles for that opening. In this situation your resume headline should be informative enough so that it urges the recruiter to view your resume. Avoid using the word entry-level in the heading. Instead you can write e.g. “BTech with internship experience in top MNC looking for exciting opportunities in the IT sector.”

3. Employers search for resumes using keywords. Therefore, it is important that you use appropriate keywords throughout your resume. For example, if you are looking for a position in marketing you can use words like sales, marketing, marketing communications, advertising, market research etc.

4. Specify your contact information clearly. It is good to give your telephone number (preferably your mobile number) along with your email. Clear information helps recruiters to get in touch with you. In case of any, don’t forget to update your information immediately.

5. Recruiters mostly sort resumes by their date of submission. So it is vital to update your resume every 15 days so that it comes in their search results. You may not make any changes every time but just log in so that your profile is displayed as an active one.

6. Use personal information carefully so that it may not put you at risk. Avoid giving your complete postal address, details about references or other confidential information in case it lands in wrong hands.

7. When you have finally landed that dream job, delete your resumes from the portals. After all you would not like to give the impression to your new employer that you are still fishing for offers in the job market.

Posting your resume on the web gives you the much needed exposure and helps you find the right job easily.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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