Staying happy at work

Staying happy at workA typical Sunday evening, you are having a nice time with your family or friends and suddenly you realize that you have a long week at work ahead of you! Mondays would be a drag and then there would be immense work pressure throughout the week. Does this happen to you every week? Does it really matter whether you are happy with your work or is it only the performance that matters?

Research has shown that people who are satisfied with their lives and jobs perform much better than less happier people.“There are various kinds of motivations and elements that can make an individual happy at work. A good remuneration and a satisfying job profile is the most important of all. Remuneration in terms of ones educational background, experience and equality in a team is what an employee looks at in comparison to his/her colleague. Another key is the perks offered by an organization. Sometimes the money may be less but the amenities provided can add to happiness. A good work environment, culture, support from peers, an understanding boss who stands up for the team whenever required and a good infrastructure are some of the other factors that add to the happiness of an employee”, says a HR professional.

But what if everything is provided to you but still you are unsatisfied and feel that work is a drag? “One needs to challenge oneself at all times. Boredom is one of the most common symptoms of not enjoying work. A challenge offers you new avenues to work on. Apart from that it is very important that your work gets recognized by your seniors. Support from your senior is an important factor for the development of an individual at all levels. Any mistake committed or any wrong decision taken is a process of learning and it should be taken in the right spirit. One should always keep a positive attitude and learn from their mistakes”, suggests a senior marketing professional.

Apart from this one can always find new ways to enjoy work at office. “I take breaks when my work gets a bit monotonous. I utilize that time in talking to my peers and networking with people from other divisions. We have a friendly work environment in our office where seniority doesn’t come in between building relations. An office outing once in a while helps a lot to shed the pressure off from work”, adds a finance executive.

Prioritizing work and time management is also an important factor. Organizations should not encourage employees to make it a routine to work beyond the usual working hours as that hampers their family lives and in turn affects their performances and happiness quotient. A culture of trust, openness, transparency, creativity at work, ample growth opportunities, tolerance for mistakes and empowerment can lead to happier employees and happier lives.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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