Switching careers- a good option?

Switching careers- a good optionA decision to change your career is a big step in life. There might be several reasons for the same but the two most common reasons are: either you are not happy with your current job and profile or you have been laid off from your present job and there is no opportunity for you in your current domain. It is difficult to transit from one career to another after acquiring the required qualification. But it is most suitable for people who want to explore a new industry. A decision of career change needs lots of research, planning and further studies to improvise on your current qualifications. With the recession and the current lay off’s many people have either started their own venture, have gone for higher studies or have opted to explore a different path.

For some, things have been easy, like a 26 year old working professional, “I started off as a Client Service Executive in an advertising agency but after 8 months I could not handle the hectic schedule anymore and planned to quit. Along with MBA-distance learning, I then went on to work with a finance company for 2 years. It was getting extremely monotonous and with the recession and lay offs, the scene wasn’t that great in the company too. Now I am pursuing a B.ed degree and looking at teaching as a steady career option. I have no regrets and I am happy with my decision”. But for the 25 year old finance graduate it is a different story, “After completing my MBA course, I worked with a renowned bank for almost a year. But the unachievable targets and the recession made me to quit and look at something different. I am now working with a small sector company and again learning everything from scratch but I still don’t feel satisfied with my career choice”.

“Lack of challenges, lack of growth opportunities and more importantly the young generation now faces competition with great confidence. Gone are the times where companies offered job security. Changing career was a good option at all times irrespective of the era but the only thing was peoples’ minds that were blocked. If one decides to take this decision then one requires a thorough understanding of the industry, upgrade one’s skill to suit the industry, network with people from the industry and give at least one year in that particular industry”, advices a senior HR professional.

It is always advisable to analyze the new career option thoroughly before plunging into a decision. Everything is not a bed of roses. Even your new career option would come with certain disadvantages so it’s better to consider all the consequences of your decision. You might even want to get advice from a career counselor or even someone from that career option that you chose. No doubt, career changing is a risky job but if you have made that decision then make the most of it and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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