Work and Law


What is the leave policy in IT Industry? What is the Earned leave policy applicable to employees in manufacturing industry? Is there any legal rule in India for fixing the leave categories and Leave days? Get answers to all your queries relating to leave policy in India.



Legal Compliance

Statutory compliance under various labour laws has to be ensured by the establishments. The law casts an obligation on the employer for meticulous and timely compliances. To facilitate day-to-day functioning, get a checklist of periodic returns and information to be filed, which could ensure timely compliance of various employment laws.

Legal News Updates

Find out the latest in the world labour laws, rights and entitlements.

Legal Tips

Know more about your rights and entitlements at work.

Maternity Benefits

Organizations today focus more on maternity benefits to help their female employees in maintaining work-life balance. It also serves as a helpful tool to retain their female employees. Get to know what provisions are available under the law, different maternity benefits schemes, etc.

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