Paycheck India in News - Year 2005

Time for a reality check?

Ever felt that ‘overworked and underpaid feeling’ taking over? If yes, you could now go in for a reality check. At, browsers can compare their salaries with others’ from the same industry.

To begin with, the website is focusing on the IT and BPO sectors, but the domain would soon cover the entire spectrum of jobs, according to IT Professionals Forum (ITPF), India.

The website was launched on Tuesday, by Mr Gehard Hohed, Head — Industry, Business and IT, UNI Geneva.

The website, managed and launched by ITPF, has research back-up from IIM Ahmedabad and IISc Bangalore.

The concept and technology of the site have been provided by Netherlands-based Wage Indicator Foundation. The initiative is part of a series of websites launched with international collaboration across the world. The promoters say that through the website, browsers can compare salaries from across the world.

The questionnaire, data collection and analysis are done scientifically and the site’s content would be updated every three months, the promoters add..


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