Paycheck India in News - Year 2009

IIM-A opens window to the future for fresh grads

Institute To Advise New Entrants To India lnc Through Website

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) will soon come to the aid of fresh graduates to help them find job avenues. IIM-A is coming out with trends in the Indian job market through a The trends will be put on the website on May 1, International Labour Day.

The exercise is part of an international project to establish job and career trends across 45 countries. The institute represents India for the project that touches upon different groups of employees like women, daily-wage earners, retired people, fresh graduates, among others. The institute has already taken up women and daily-wage labourers as the target section of employees for study, and will now extend this to fresh graduates, said Biju Varkkey, a faculty of human resources management at IIM-A who is undertaking the research.

“The transition period from college to corporate life for a fresh graduate is full of queries; like what he may expect from the job, the challenges he may face, etc. We will try and address these queries so that he is equipped with prior knowledge when joining an organization. The website will keep him updated on current market trends, aspects relating to work-life balance and advise him on what may be expected out of the present job,” said Mr Varkkey.

Right now the institute is in the process of preparing a questionnaire that will be sent to employed professionals. Their feedback will be compiled and the data would be made available to the new entrants. Advice on professional courses, higher education and campus placement tips will also be given to the students.

The project is being spearheaded by WageIndicator, an international web-based agency that has access to official data across countries in different sectors.

The India chapter of website, touches upon wages, working conditions, labour standards and other work-related topics.

The project had started in the Netherlands and expanded its base to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom and several other countries.

Reacting to the idea, Ma Foi CEO E Balaji said: “It is important for fresh graduates to know about the company they would join. Prior knowledge of the company culture and the industry may be value to fresh entrants to the corporate world. A single-window data repository that the website created by IIM-A promises to provide will come handy to such employees.”

Source: The Economic Times, May 1, 2009. Page no. 2


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