Contribute to the data collection concerning platform workers

Do you know many platform workers? Do you find it important that the workings of the Uber and Deliveroo empires are improved?

WageIndicator Foundation collects data about platform workers in two different ways. Online. And offline as well. This page explains our offline data collection. Should we answer a question before you start? Please post your question here.

      This is how it works:

  • Step 1. Go to this
  • Step 2. Select the Survey Gig Platform …. (country name)
  • Step 3. Collect data using your cell phone / tablet info by means of the surveys. 
  • Step 4. Send the data collected to (one of the) servers of WageIndicator Foundation

Instruction videos:

How to download the Surveys app on your laptop:

How to start a survey (in this video you see an example of a factory survey, please choose Gig/Platform):

How to upload stored surveys:

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