Pay Rates of London's Building and Construction workers

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In London pay rates for the majority of construction jobs are covered by a few industry-wide pay agreements. On large industrial construction sites building workers are usually covered by the Construction Industry Joint Council Working Rule Agreement. This sets the minimum hourly rates of pay for labouring operatives and skilled craft workers, and most construction companies follow these rates. Although the rates of pay are the same for workers in London as they are elsewhere, there are daily travel and fare allowances for those who need to travel across the capital.

Hourly rates from June 2005
Labourer/general operative
Craft rate
Daily fares allowance of £3.10 and travel allowance of 83p for up to 15kms, rising to a daily fares allowance of £5.20 and travel allowance of £2.22 for up to 30kms.



There is another pay agreement for the Building and Allied Trades which sets the pay rates for workers in the house building sector. These pay rates are similar to those of the Construction industry.

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