Monthly wage experienced receptionists £1,393 to £1,961

7 Jun 2022 - 20 years of work experience reaps receptionists a salary ranging from £1,422 to £2,032 per month. Of the workers who participated in the survey, 61% have no children. This is the conclusion of research carried out by, in 2022.

Salary for starting receptionists between £1,268 and £1,803 per month

Based on our survey, workers in this occupation with 30 years of work experience earn the highest salary: between £1,393 and £1,961 per month. Employees who are new to the job, will earn between £1,268 and £1,803 per month, based on one year of work experience.

Of the respondents, 90% are female and 10% are male. 61% of people in this job state that they do not have any children. People in this job who answered the survey are mostly between 24 and 29 years of age.

Of the people in this job who participated in the survey, 19% have been promoted at least once during their career. On average, employees work 32 hours per week. 19% of people in this job hold a supervisory role.

Coworkers mostly female

In most cases, workers report that the majority of their coworkers are female. Workers who have a permanent contract for the work they are performing, add up to 87%. Workers mostly work in organisations consisting of 500 or more people. 25% of all participating workers in this occupation work in a multinational organisation. 13% of people in this job state that they have no permanent contract for their job. Since starting their first job, 42% of workers have worked fewer than 5 years.

The survey shows that 2% of the people in this job feel highly satisfied about their position. On the whole, employees feel in between satisfied and dissatisfied about their job. This feeling is shared by 37% of the employees.

Among the employees, 37% reported they are dissatisfied with their wage. 40% of the workers in this occupation reports to be highly dissatisfied with their wage.

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