Minimum Wage – Mainland - Agricultural Services

  • Valid on march 2023
  • The amounts are in Tanzanian Shilling.


Per Hour Per Day Per week Per Two Weeks Per month
Agricultural Services
Minimum wage with effect from July 1, 2013 Minimum Wages - last checked - 1/1/23
TZS512.85 TZS3,846.50 TZS23,078.70 TZS46,157.40 TZS100,000.00

Working hours

  • Monthly Salary - Monthly Rate is calculated on a basis of 26 working days per month or 234 hours per month.
    Salary per day - Daily rate is calculated on the basis of 9 working hours per day.
    Salary per week - Weekly rate is calculated on a basis of 45 hours a week or 6 working days per week.
    Salary after two weeks - Two weekly rates are calculated on 12-hour basis basis for work.


Zanzibar: Job hours are 42 hours a week - 6 working days in the week and 7 working hours each day. However the clock can be added up to 45 after the agreement. In time limit duty you can be added up to 48 hours a week.

The date of the corrective amendments to minimum wage rates will not be announced by the Government. However, the current salary is expected to last for the next three years (up to 2016).


Payment Time Count - According to Section 19 of the Employment and Labor Relations Act, 2004

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