"Stop Using Credit Crunch as Excuse to Pay Peanuts"

Read article on “Stop using credit crunch as excuse to pay peanuts” at mywage.org/Zambia. In Zambia now-a-days employers are blaming the economic crisis for not giving salary increments to Employees.

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By Meluse Kapatamoyo

The labour union has warned employers not to use the on-going global economic crunch as an excuse for not increasing workers’ wages in Zambia.

In recent months, trade unions in Zambia have battled with employers who insist on a minimal increment to their employee’s salaries citing financial woes; with many employers declaring a wage freeze till the economic performance of their organisations improves.

Zambia Union of Financial Institution and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) secretary Joyce Nonde said some institutions were taking advantage of the economic meltdown not to improve workers’ conditions of service.

Nonde told Mywage Zambia: “Salary negotiations this year have been very tough in most institutions, especially those that have serious connections with the international community. But we are also aware that some managements want to use the credit crunch as a scapegoat for not improving workers’ conditions of service.

“However, there are other companies … who despite the problems being faced internationally, are working very hard to put measures in place to mitigate the effects of the credit crunch.

“Companies should be aware that there is also economic crunch in our homes and they need to ensure that workers get their much-deserved increments.”

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