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2 February 2021 - The Reserve Bank of Australia, through its quantitative easing programme, will continue to print money and add a supplementary $100bn into the country's economy until September. This action has been taken despite Australia's strong economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis. According to economists, the RBA's decision shows that the nation's economy is still fragile, with high unemployment and low inflation, below the RBA's target inflation of 2-3%. Find out what different jobs pay in Australia

Annual Paid Leave in Australia

What are Australia's annual paid leave provisions? According to the ILO Convention 132, every worker with one year of service is given at least three weeks paid annual leave. Workers employed for less than a year are given a reduced paid annual leave based on their length of service. For instance, a worker with eight months of service would be entitled to at least two weeks paid leave. Learn more about Annual Paid Leave in Australia

Economic Facts

  • How much does the least paid worker in Australia make compared to Queen Elizabeth? Her Majesty earns 558,307.07 AUD a day. Meanwhile, the minimum wage for general workers in Australia is 19.84 AUD per hour. Take the Salary Survey and contribute to wage knowledge in Australia
  • Slow and steady wins the race! From 1991 to 2020, Australia had 29 years of uninterrupted growth, with an annual average increase of 3.3%. While the growth rate may not be as high as that in East Asian countries, its consistency is remarkable. It took a global pandemic to break Australia's record of growth. The country has fared much better than other developed countries, which see ups and downs in their economic fortunes. What are salaries in Australia?
  • Did you know that even though the agricultural sector in Australia employs just 2.5% of the workforce and contributes a mere 2.1% to the country’s GDP, it is one of the world’s largest exporters of cotton, wool, wheat and meat? Know more about jobs and pay in Australia
  • Voting is compulsory in Australia. If an Australian citizen does not vote, and does not provide a valid and sufficient reason for not doing so, they can be fined $20 as first time offenders. If this offence is repeated, the fine may increase up to $70. Despite this, there still exists 5-9% of the population who did not vote in the recent 2019 federal elections. Check interesting Labour Laws here 
  • Due to being isolated from other continents for millennia, Australia is home to an extensive number of marsupials. The biodiversity landscape of the country is unique and varied, which helps tourism in the nation. The Australia Zoo, for example, brings in visitors and investments from around the world.  Check pay and minimum wage in Australia 
  • Australia has thrice as many sheep as humans! Hence, it comes as no surprise that it is the world’s largest sheep meat exporter, with the sector employing nearly 200,000 people. Click here to know different jobs that exist in Australia
  • Australia is undergoing a crisis with the bushfires causing mass destruction all over the nation. Moody’s Analytics has predicted that the damage caused by these fires will probably surpass 2009’s Black Saturday blazes’ damage, which was around 4.4 billion USD. How does this affect the Australian workers?
  • Did you know the service sector is the most dominant sector in the Australian economy? It employs 77.7% of the workforce and contributes to 66.2% of the country’s GDP. The biggest growth in this sector has been attributed to a rise in business and financial services. Take our survey on living and working during Coronavirus
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