Salary Survey

The price of good such as food, clothing and transport goes up every single year. Take our unique Cost of Living survey and find out about wages in Canada.


2 February 2021 -  Randstad Canada, a human-resources consulting firm, released its predictions for the top ten high demand jobs in Canada. Customer service representatives, drivers and registered nurses make to the top three of the most in-demand jobs, among others. Are you getting the right salary for the right job?

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that while being the second largest city of Canada, Montreal is also the world’s second-largest city with a French-speaking population? The minimum wage of Montreal, according to its province, Quebec, is 13.10 CAD per hour. Learn more about Canada’s minimum wage
  • Did you know that Canadian women aged 15 years and above represent nearly half (47.4%) of the labour force in Canada? Although female participation in labour is increasing, their employment in different sectors is limited. While Canada is recognized as having the fifth largest workforce in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), women make up just 24% of those who are employed. Learn more women and jobs in Canada 
  • Did you know that as per his new contract, Jamal Murray, a Canadian basketball player  for the Denver Nuggets, earns an average of 40,174,403.11 CAD (31,650,600 USD) per year?  This amount is 28,19,256.35 times the minimum wage of a general worker in Ontario, Canada!  The minimum wage of a general worker in Ontario, Canada, is 14.25 CAD (11.23 USD). Learn more about minimum wages in Ontario, Canada
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